nickelshoe (nickelshoe) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup vs. urinary tract infection symptoms

This month (my third cycle with my Keeper Mooncup), I was starting to think the cup wasn't turning out as great as I'd hoped from my first cycle.  I had more cramping, more leakage (I thought), more problems urinating, and a longer cycle.

Except that today, two days after my period, I realized that there was a significant amount of blood in my urine.  So I went to see a doctor and got diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.  And now I'm starting to doubt that the Mooncup was the problem.  I think I may have been having trouble urinating four days ago, but blamed it on my cup being positioned wrong.  I thought my cup was leaking every time I peed.  In the past, when my cup was full, it would usually leak when I peed, presumably because it was getting squished.  But now I'm starting to think that there was actually blood in my urine for the past few days and I mistook it for menstrual blood.

I'm kind of glad to think that it may not have been my cup that was bothering me, though I'm hoping the cup usage isn't a contributing factor to the UTI.
Tags: keeper moon cup, uti (urinary tract infection)

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