haharobots (haharobots) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup cleaning in public restroom

First of all, I just want to say 'thanks' to everyone in this community.  Reading the memories is what made me decide to get a cup, and I've been a happy user for 7 months.  I just wanted to share the method I started using to clean my cup in the public RR, since there's a few posts about this issue.

One thing that always bothered me about cup use (I have a small MCUK) was having to empty it at work.  (shallow canal, heavy flow; not much choice) The bathrooms there don't have a stall with a private sink, and I always make a mess when I pull it out.  My blood is really stringy, and when I'm at home, I can use the sink to wash out the cup, and use a finger to sweep the 'loose' blood out of my canal before re-inserting.  I'd been using a water bottle at work, but it was still kind of messy.  Plus, I'm always worried about dropping my cup in the toilet since I'm trying to juggle the cup, TP, and the bottle.  Or worse, dropping it on the floor and seeing blood bounce everywhere.  Embarrassing in our high-traffic bathrooms!

Last month, I was filling up a small styrofoam cup up at the water fountain when I felt the warm, leakage sensation.  I dashed in to the RR, still holding my cup of water, and set it on top of the TP dispenser.  After I emptied my MoonCup out, I just dropped it into the cup of water!

I cleaned up the stringy-ness, I swirled my MC around in the water to get the blood off it and my fingers, and popped it right back in.  I poured the water down the toilet and trashed the cup.  For me, it works perfectly.  My hands are free to clean myself, there's no suspicious splashing sounds coming out of my stall, no more bloody fingers, and nothing mysterious about a styrofoam cup.

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