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i finally gave in and ordered a cup and i got my mooncup uk a week ago. unfortunately, i'm not due to start my period for a couple weeks still, but because i live in a dorm with community bathrooms, i wanted to start getting used to it so i wouldn't have any problems when i did need it. so, i tried a few dry runs in the shower.
how far in should it be? i think i saw somewhere that the stem should be just inside my vagina, but when i put it in, the stem was most of the way out. i couldn't feel the cup, so maybe i just need to trim the stem?
also, water did not seem to be a very good lubricant, and i don't think i'd feel comfortable walking down the hallway at my college with lube in my hand. is there another way to do this? i couldn't get it in without lube, but maybe the blood and whatnot will be good enough.
last thing - when it was in, i ran my finger around it, and i didn't feel any creases or folds in it, but it wasn't round. i guess i shouldn't expect it to be, but it wasn't really an oval or a D shape either. it was like it was folded in half. i use the punchdown fold, so i didn't fold it in half to insert. is my vagina squeezing it like that? should i put it up higher? i had suction and there weren't any gaps between my vaginal walls and the cup, but that doesn't seem right to me. how will it catch the blood if it's not open very much, if at all?
i haven't worn it while walking around, just while in the shower, so i don't know if it will move on its own or what. just a few questions i have before i start my period in hopes that it will go smoothly!
thanks so much for your help and advice! i love this community =)
Tags: insertion, mooncup (uk)

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