saltlesstears (saltlesstears) wrote in menstrual_cups,


I want an Orange Lady Cup SOOOO badly. I have a Small Diva and I love it. No issues at all.
I really don't need another cup. I bought my first cup for many reasons but one of them was to be greener and I wanted to save money.
I'm just CRAVING a new cup. And the lady cup is supposed to be very flexible... and I like that idea. Sometime I get constipated during my period (sorry TMI), and I feel very FULL if you will when my cup is in. So flexible would be a good thing.
Also I love orange.
But really... I don't feel like I can justify it!
Maybe I should do something I have been dreading, and buy it myself as a reward.
Can any of you relate to the CRAVING for a new cup?
How did you justify it? OR How did you convince yourself you didn't need it?

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