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opening issues

Hi all -
I am starting my second cycle with my new large MCUK, and I am having trouble getting it to open. I had a bit of trouble last month, but not nearly as bad as this morning. I never had trouble with my small one opening but it leaked. I used the punch down method because it makes it nice and pointy, but then I spent at least 5 mins swirling and poking to get it to open. I haven't really started to bleed much, but luckily I was lubed enough with other natural fluids that it didn't really hurt. It was just very frustrating and I can't do that in the public lue do to the inherent messiness. Not to mention that I think it will be unbearable if I am cramping. I looked through the fold pics and think I will try to 7 fold next. Anyone else have so much trouble and which fold did you find to solve it?
Tags: insertion, mooncup (uk)

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