a DJ who lived in seclusion (knittinggoddess) wrote in menstrual_cups,
a DJ who lived in seclusion

almost-pointless question about insertion

For the two periods since I started hbc and having PIV sex, I've noticed that inserting my Divacup has become drastically more difficult. I started using a menstrual cup three years ago (!!!) and haven't had problems since the first few months. Now though, it hurts a lot and won't unfold easily.

I use the punchdown fold without lube and either insert it standing or in the shower with one leg up. Today I had to use a good dose of water-based lube to help things along. For the record, when I started having non-penetrative sex a year ago, I didn't notice any change in ease of insertion. Removal isn't nearly as problematic as insertion, but it might hurt a little more than it used to.

This is half a rant, but I'm also curious. Could the PIV and the NuvaRing be working my kegels to the point that they're actually making me functionally smaller? Could I be expecting penetration of any sort to feel a certain way and thus be tensing up? The Ring increased my discharge, but maybe it changed the consistency so it's really less of a lubricant. Could the Ring or sex be making me more sensitive?

Ideas? Has your method of insertion ever just stopped working?
Tags: divacup, insertion - painful or problems, nuvaring, sexual activity

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