Lauren (anastrophic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

good news and bad news.

So I'm on my second cycle with my Miacup, and I loooove this thing. And guess what I did this time? I found my cervix. No wonder I'd been having problems trying to get the thing to pop open. So yeah, I can get it to pop open and I always make sure my cervix is inside the cup. The suction is so much better now and I feel much more secure. However, now my cup leaks at night. I thought it was because I was leaving it in too long and it was getting full, but at this point in my period [it's been almost a week] I could usually wear a super tampon all night and not worry about it leaking. And when I checked the cup, there was hardly any blood inside. Could any of you tell me why I'm leaking now and how I can get it to stop? It's driving me nuts.
Tags: leakage & spotting, miacup

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