avenlor (avenlor) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Pain after finishing period with cup

Not sure if anyone else out there has experienced this problem but here goes... Wore my Femmecup for the first time this period, everything pretty much OK throughout, but removed the cup on Monday after my period ended and since then have experienced pains inside which are most uncomfortable, enough to take pain relief tablets. Sometimes it feels as though my muscles are overtight, other times it's like a dragging sensation. It seems to be more on the side where the bottom of the cup would have rested, I cut the stem off and sanded the area as recommended on the forum, when the cup is in situ it sits at an angle thus resting against one side of my insides. This has caused no end of discomfort when by now I would be past any period cramps which is why i purchased the cup - it didn't stop my cramps BTW.

Any advice would be most welcome as it's putting me off using it again.
Tags: cramps, femmecup, first time use, removal - painful or problems
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