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Newbie here!

Hello everyone! My name is Erin. I just bought a Mooncup a few weeks ago,a nd have been SUPER excited about starting my period just so I could try it. LOL Maybe too excited for that matter.. I even changed my Birth control pill schedule by a few days so I would start on my days off so I could practice before wearing it out in the world lol. Anyway I do have a question or two.

The stem. I trimmed it a little, I practiced putting it in on a day I wasn't on my period, felt it a little and just trimmed maybe 1/4 of an inch off, maybe less.  Anyway the question is, While I moving around now the mooncup shifts a little bit from side to side and the stem feels like its gotten behind something(labia ) and pushes a little, I'll go to the bathroom, move it back over and I'm fine for awhile, until I get real active again and the cup shifts.  I'm not having leakage issues, and I felt the suction(whatever you call it) So I know its good and in place.. Is a little shiftng from side to side normal?  And if so do you think I either shouldn't have trimmed the stem at all or should trim it a little more. I don't think trimming it a little more would be a big deal with removal, but I wanted to get professional help before I went cutting on it more.
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