honeychild78 (honeychild78) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Mia cup coupons?

Hi everyone! I recently purchased a Diva cup, which I'm loving. The problem I'm having is that my cervix sits very low and with the Diva being so long it actually hangs outside of my body sometimes, which needless to say can be somewhat irritating. I also need a cup that can hold a large amount since my period is way heavier than it was before the birth of my daughter. When I bought my Diva cup I was totally unaware of all the different brands and sizes available, and am thinking that the Mia cup might be a better fit. I was wondering if anyone had any coupon codes for the Mia cup or advice on another cup that might be a better fit. Until then I will continue using my Diva as it is still a million times better than tampons or pads.
Tags: miacup

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