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Any Miacup Coupons? And more questions for your reading pleasure!

Hey Ladies!

Sorry, I'm still stuck on this IUD/Menstrual Cup thingy... Please bear with me. I currently have the Diva, and have not used it since I got my IUD put in. It was such a painful experience, and I had to pay for it, so I really want to make sure I don't expel it, but I can't deal with pads... even my cute cloth ones. I would like to go back to the cup, but this is what the Diva website says regarding IUDs:

. Can The DivaCup be worn with an IUD? A. The DivaCup is not suggested for use with an Intrauterine Device (IUD). It is possible for the IUD to become dislodged, displaced or removed when the menstrual cup is removed by inadvertently pulling on the IUD string. As with all gynecological concerns, please consult with your physician.

Do you girls think it really makes a difference? I was looking at getting a new cup, but now I'm wondering if Diva is just putting that on their site for liability reasons. Or do you think because of it's longer/narrower, perhaps stiffer design it is actually a hazard? All of the other cups say that they are compatible with IUDs.

I was considering getting the Ladycup, but the small size only has a capacity of 11 which won't work for my now heavy periods. I'm quite small externally (4'11, 90lbs) as well as internally, but do you think the large LC would be ok? If I have to get a new cup, it would be between the Lunette (although someone just mentioned they pulled their iud out with a Lunette!!!), a large LC (although I'm a bit hesitant about the fact that it's a large when I'm clearly a small, but would need the capacity), or a Miacup. Please give me any advice you can! I want to make a decision this week so that if I choose to go with a Ladycup I can take advantage of the sale. Does anyone have a Miacup coupon code left?

Thanks for your help!! My bf thinks it's so odd that I'm stressing over a cup purchase, but I think many of you can probably relate!

Take care!

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