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just a quick question...

i've been using a diva cup foooor over a year now... and it's grood... great and good. BUT the first day of my cycle is (and always has been) crazy mc crazy heavy. and with a tampon, that was of course, annoying but the bathroom trips were a lot shorter... every 2 hours, leaky tampon out throw another tampon the size of a toilet paper roll in... done. but now with the divacup, i don't usually leak until about 2 1/2 - 3 hours... so that's an improvement, but the amount of time it takes me in the bathroom is a lot longer... the removing (am i in the minority of women who cannot reach their own cervixes? i have to like just BARELY grab the cup stem with my middle and pointer like... fingernails ... even after i bear down ;-) ) and then the cleaning and re-inserting... takes me about 5 minutes ... keep in mind i don't dump it until it overflows because then i would be in the bathroom.... all the time.

the only reason i'm real concerned is because it's like... interfering with my job, i'm a photographer, and i can't leave the middle of a sitting to like... stop bleeding all over the place....

so my question is (finally) is there a cup with a larger bell? i've read that you can flip the diva inside out and that makes it slightly larger (but then i doubt i would be able to grab it out in all honesty... my vag is looong... and i can't keep it low, because it like sucks it in! it's a monster!) i mean, i don't want to risk comfortability in both my wallets for a new cup if the differences aren't really that grand... i just didn't know if there was one i was unaware of that was like.... for people who bleed like stuck pigs.

thanks! :-D
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