shivadidj (shivadidj) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Sizing question (Ladycup?)

Hi! I have been reading this community for about two days now. I've looked at the size chart, and I have measured my vag! I can reach my cervix with my middle finger, standing up (sitting down can reach a lot farther) and this is on the last (or 2nd to last?) day of my period. My vaginal opening doesn't quite reach the base of my middle finger. My middle finger is about 75 mm long. I am estimating that from my vaginal opening to the tip of my cervix is about 60 mm.

That seems small to me! I am 29 yrs old and have never had a child. It almost looks like I should look for the shortest cup I can. Which looks to me like the LadyCup. Which excited me because I'd love to have purple!! :) I had previously been looking to buy the Mooncup (by the Keeper) in small size, but that looks rather long compared to my finger calculations.

Can ya'll give me some recommendations about sizing with these details? My flow is about medium on the first day (can be heavy, but rarely) and then light on the following 5 days. I want to get the right cup on the first try, if possible. So glad this community is here, with those fabulous charts!

Tags: cervix position, first time use, keeper moon cup, lady cup, sizes/size issues

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