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Yeast Infection?

Just got a diva cup and used it for my first period...I used it during the heavy bit of my period and also towards the end when it was much lighter [and maybe I should not have?]
Once I did stop using it, things felt a bit off...not much, just a tiny bit sore.
I thought maybe I had irritated it or something, but 2 days later, I have a full blown and obvious yeast infection.

I have heard of others who had problems with yeast infections while using the cup...is there anything one can do to keep that from happening?
I washed out the cup before reinserting it each time with hot water. I used soap the first and last time, but in between did not as I did not think soap would be a great idea right before putting it in and had figured that since it didnt touch anything else between coming out, getting rinsed, and going back in, it'd be fine. But maybe that was wrong.

Experiences? I really liked the diva cup other than this, and would hate to have to stop using it. But yeast infections are notnotnot good [only had them twice before this, and both times after returning from travel where I slept and ate radically differently from my usual habits]. Grumble/sigh/hope.
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