cherrysecret (cherrysecret) wrote in menstrual_cups,

From a girl who used to hate her nether regions...

I am that girl.
I was very squeamish with my own blood, and my body held a lot of trauma tension, particularly down there.
I was attracted to the cup because I like unconventionality and going against the flow, but when I tried picturing actually using one, I couldn't.

Well guess what - I'm on my 2nd experimental cycle with the Lunette.
I credit the menstrual cup with teaching me to be much more comfortable with my body and relaxing.
I actually used to feel more pain dealing with tampons, because I would just "grin and bear it".
Now I am mindful of my breathing and the way my muscles react - my mind is at peace. I ease into the experience, instead of ignoring my body's reactions. Today I used the simple two-fold!


I've a question though!

I haven't tried removing and inserting a cup in public yet. When I do this at home, the process makes noise, which I'm sure others could hear. There are squeaks, pops, air suction noise. LOL. How do you ladies deal with this in public??? I think this would make me embarrassed.
Tags: lunette, success stories
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