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Ah, leakage issue below, but first!
I was browsing through the Lunnette site earlier and found this. They actually mention cervix placement, which I thought was pretty cool.

So I've used my Diva(sm) for about 4 cycles now, and have yet to have a leakfree cycle. The first and second day usually yields lots of leaking and then none after that. This cycle I finally found my cervix(it's well hidden), it's very high and to the left...I thought maybe that would be the cause of the leaking, so this cycle I tilted it to the left a tad and pushed it further up-day one, didn't leak at all, I was so pleased, but day two-major leakage. Lots, considering(nothing a panty liner couldn't handle, but still). That is my heaviest day, and I don't know after how many hours it started leaking. But normally when I pull it out, there is blood and stuff on the outside, around the rim, so I'm thinking it was going to leak anyway, despite the heaviness of that day. I know it is popping open(I use the origami fold), and I can twist the cup, but I can't run my finger around the rim to check the seal because it's too painful due to the Diva's size.
But anyway, I think I've figured it out that the left tilt is a good plan, but the pushing it up isn't, I should just let it go where it goes-this is my theory for next month, but if that doesn't work I think I'm going to switch cups.
I like the bigness and length of the small Diva, and am considering getting a large Lunette if I switch. Any suggestions/tips/advice?
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