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BlueCup :)

The BlueCup is here!
I'm sure I'm not the only one to get the email from the LadyCup people today, but the BlueCup have been available since Oct 15th. Mine just got here, and I have loads of

This is the new large BlueCup together with my old small LadyCup, and their pouches. The BlueCup pouch is bigger, easier to fit the cup into, and way cuter. In the middle is a LadyCup sticker that came with the package.

For amusing size comparison, this is the small LadyCup inside the large BlueCup.

Small LadyCup, large BlueCup, once again.

A lot of people ask about the packaging, so this is the one I got. It's very discreet, but as you can see LadyCup mails the cup as registered (I think the term is in English, sorry if it's wrong) mail, so you have to sign for it.

I also got a discount coupon, for 15% off. I have no idea if it can be used once or several times, but the code is 080472, if anyone wants it :)

ETA: Sorry if the pictures are slightly dark, but the ones with the BlueCup on the white background do show the colour quite accurately, I feel. If there's more light, it's lighter of course, being see-through, but the colour looks about right.
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