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Cup+cycling question

I've done a few day trips to different cities on my bike since I've started using the cup, but starting next summer, I'm going to start actual touring with my fiance. I was asking him a few things and discovered that you aren't supposed to wear underwear under bike shorts (which I haven't bought yet, so I was clueless). Sooo... What have any of you done for backup in these situations? I haven't had any leaking problems since my first cycles, but I'm a bit worried about the still-in-vagina blood that's leftover after cleaning. Even after stirring, there's enough to leave a bit in my panties, and I don't know how obvious that would be wearing skin-tight shorts. What do you do when you're in a similar situation (cycling or commando... or whatever it is that may be applicable)?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: sports/physical activities
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