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More questions!!

And before I get in trouble for making another post, hear me out--these questions are entirely unrelated to my previous post. I'm sorry anyway though--I realize this is a busy community.
Anyway, things with the pink cup are only getting better! I took the advice of you guys and pretty much cut the stem right off, and now when I insert the cup, it's as if the cup knows what to do all by itself!
On to my question. As I've mentionned in a previous post, I'm blind. I also share a bathroom with a guy (he's just a roommate, so it's not nearly as comfortable a situation as it would be with a SO), and I'm very worried about leaving blood, like, everywhere. What I'm wondering is the exact sequence of events that take place when you sit down to change your cup. Do you take it out before you pee/crap? after? when you do take it out, clearly one of your hands is kind of bloodied and dirty--so you dump the contents in to the toilet. But then what do you do with the bloodied cup while you wipe yourself etc.? surely, regardless of what surface you rest it on/in, that surface will get blood on it as well? (I've read that some of you rest it in the sink--does blood stain the sink though? will running water and swirling it around the sink for a while get rid of it? and, that same bloodied hand--clearly you can't use that same hand to get toilet paper (or you'll get blood on the roll!). for those of you who use the wipes (cottonel and stuff like that), how do you find them helpful?
Thanks so much guys-I am just so, so scared that I'm getting blood all over the place! It wouldn't b nearly as awkward with just girls or with a SO, but oh gosh I don't even want to think about it!!
Again, thank you. I realize you guys most likely aren't used to questions likt his one-but I feel so accepted here!
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