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First Time User & Leakage

Hi, I'm a newbie to using menstrual cups but bought the Femmecup a week or so ago and have been trying it out on this period. Up till now things have gone pretty smoothly, once I found the 7 fold and experimented a little with removal (not so easy) I found it comfortable to use and no leaks. My flow is pretty light until about day 5 and so now I have been experiencing some leakage and so came on the forum again to see what snippets of info there would be. I have enlarged the four holes using a cocktail stick - at least they look a little better, and have taken the time to have a quick foray around to locate my cervix and now believe its sitting in the right place - fingers crossed! Up till now I kind of just pushed it in and hoped for the best - not very scientific I know. I have cut off the stem as it's too uncomfortable with it on which makes tugging on it to check the suction a little difficult so not sure if there are any other ways to check that it's situated OK? I ran my finger around the edge and felt just wall as opposed to anything "hard" so know that it's OK there but does the suction just happen? When I have removed it for cleaning although there's not alot there it is inside the cup mostly but the holes do look blocked which is why I have tried to make them a little bigger this time. Any advice would be welcome, I am keen to make these a success as tampons are becoming uncomfortable and I have heard that several women find it helps with their cramps which is why I bought it in the first place and up till now it's also helped me to ignore the fact that I'm on a period.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: femmecup, first time use, leakage & spotting, teething troubles
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