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How much of the stem can I remove?

Hi ladies!
I'm on my first cycle using my new pink cup, and I am so excited!! (so excited/distracted, in fact, that I can't focus on much else-ridiculous, I know LOL). Anyway, so far it's been a trillion times better than my experience with the diva cup. I've realized, however, that my canal is like, obnoxiously short. I've trimmed the stem significantly, but can still feel it just the eennsiest bit sometimes depending on what position I'm sitting in. For those of you who use a cup and who also have the canal-length of a seven-year-old child, how much of the stem is safe to cut off? how can we cut it so that it's less "pokey"? I am so jealous of women with longer canals! sex must be so much better!! ;)
Thanks in advance; I don't know what I would have done without this community!!
Tags: coloured lady cups, lady cup, stem length/trimming

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