.Kimberly Ann. (uncried_tears) wrote in menstrual_cups,
.Kimberly Ann.


So, after a few months of spying on all you lovely ladies here, I decided that buying a menstrual cup was worth the gamble. I know a few girls who tried the Diva Cup because that is the only one available in the US, and they both said that it was uncomfortable. So, I used the charts that you have available and decided that a Lunette might be a good choice for me, AND I found one for super cheap on eBay - $32 with shipping. I just finished my first cycle with the Lunette, and it went completely incident-free. I am so glad that I did this - I love that I am minimizing my ecological damage, and it's obvious that a cup is much healthier for me than a tampon. Plus, I used to use the organic ones, and those are expensive...with the cup, I'll save lots of money. So basically, thank you to everyone here who unknowingly encouraged me to get a cup, and if anyone out there is debating the same thing, I STRONGLY recommend that you give one a try!
Tags: buying decisions, first time use, lunette

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