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Brand new Mooncup: Rectal Pressure when in; So painful to Remove!

Hi all, I'm brand new to menstrual cups.  I just got my mooncup US in the mail yesterday.
After picking my jaw up off the floor (it's sooo big!), I tried it a few times yesterday as a dry run.
I think I'm sort of okay with the insertion (the 7 fold works pretty well).  But I'm having two issues:

1)  It's just not comfortable.  The tail/stem doesn't bother me, it's just that I really, really feel it inside.  I never felt my tampon inside.  It just feels sooo big, and I felt this constant rectal pressure.  I know a lot of others say you get used to it, but I can't help thinking, no way!  I bought the size for people who have delivered vaginally.  I'm 35 and have 2 kids (one vag, one c/s), but I'm also super tiny.  Should I have tried the smaller size?

2)  Removal.  Ok, the first time was a total disaster (major suction issues), but then I read up on it last night.  I was able to break the suction, but am having two problems.  First of all, I fold it up nice and small to insert, but to get it out, it's all opened up and huge!  It really hurts getting that thing out!  I tried folding it a bit on the way out, but I can't fold it into a "7" again, so it's still really wide.  Plus, this was a dry run.  If I were to fold a full cup, it would be a mess.  As it is, I'm really, really in there getting this thing out.  Can't imagine it if I had my period.  The other problem with removal is a recurrance of the suction problem.  I managed to release the suction and bare down to get it out.  But it was such a slow process by the time it was on my labia, it suctioned itself back again.  Ouch!

Any tips?  I'm not in the mood for all this difficulty.  Makes me think I should just stick to tampons, or else find a teeny tiny cup.  Thanks.
Tags: dry run, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, keeper moon cup, removal, removal - painful or problems
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