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choices choices...

I'm thinking about the mooncup uk, but debating whether i might need a cup with a bigger capacity but still pretty small. my second choice is miacup. i know i just asked about comparisons of the mooncup and other cups, but i'd like to know feedback on these two specifically.

i know the miacup is pretty expensive, and that will probably decide for me in the end, because i absolutely cannot afford anything while trying to put myself through school.

what are some sites that people use to buy their cups? i saw something about an, and people using are either of those good to use, or do they have bad reviews? is it better to just order off the official site? are there any others that anyone used? i'd just like something cheap cheap cheap. i only found the Diva on iherb.

also, some places i see that the mooncup holds about 13 mL according to, but others i see that it holds significantly more ["up to the holes"?] where exactly is it measured to and which is the correct measurement? and also,  the miacup is about 14 on, but the official site says 25. has anyone measured these to know exactly that could tell me??

one more question.. i always see people suggesting to turn the divacup inside out. what exactly does this do? the suction isn't messed up at all? 

and does this work with other cups, or just the diva? [i don't even know what it does, and i'm already wondering lol]
Tags: buying decisions, divacup, miacup, mooncup (uk)

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