montessori_girl (montessori_girl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Secure ways to buy a lunette online?

Hi, I'm a teen who wants to buy a lunette. My mom is ok with buying things online as long as she doesn't have to provide to much info. (She wouldn't order a dress online because she had to provide her credit card number AND her birthdate.) I'm nervous that she'll say no to buying a lunette online simply because of the information she has to give out. Can you order the lunette by phone? Is the information you have to give out standard? Where can you order the lunette online? So far I have ebay, leastore, straight from the company. Can anyone share there experiences with those companies? How long did it take to ship? Was customer service good?

Anything you could share would mean a lot! Thanks.
Tags: lunette, where to buy

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