aura_lee (aura_lee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yay Lunette!

So, I bought a Lunette off ebay not too long ago because my Diva was giving me troubles. (As I had previously posted about.)

I have to say, this is the best little cup ever!  I was skeptical at first because the plastic was so mushy I thought I didn't have it in right and it would leak, even though it was popped open. But, one whole cycle and no leaks. I thought I would have to empty it more because it is a bit smaller than the Diva, but I don't have to do that either!

It pops open super easy, it still sits really low, but not as low as the Diva, and most of the time I forget it is there! With the Diva, it sat so low, I knew it was there 50% of the time and *always* when I used the bathroom.

The Lunette makes me dance for joy! :D Yay!
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