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I removed/inserted my cup ___________ and now I can do anything!

Ever changed your cup in a tricky place and had a real sense of achievement? I've recently spent a month in the States, traveling around by trains. Thus I'd say:
*I removed my cup on a moving Amtrak train and now I can do anything
*I inserted my cup in a toilet cubicle with a door that only started two feet off the floor (I usually crouch to insert) and now I can do anything
*I rinsed my cup in a Youth Hostel and now I can do anything

I'd be interested to hear about yours...

Plus, I was out with friends last night and one of them grabbed me and thanked me for telling her about the mooncup - she'd gone straight out and bought one and has been using it for three months! She was interested when I told her about it, but I wasn't expecting my first attempt at cup evangelism to be such a success.
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