Kai (kuradi8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I (heart) my Lunette

First the bad news:  I woke up to discover my beloved Lunette had leaked overnight.  =8oO  I actually felt insulted that it had let me down.  Especially because it was the night before the first time that I was scheduled to work my outside job on a "gusher" day.  It was not very confidence-inspiring at all.  I dug out a maxi pad for backup from the long neglected box in the back of the cabinet and stuffed a couple of tampons into my jacket pockets, just in case.  That is not an environment in which I can run to the potty at the first sign of trouble.  I prepared for the worst and seriously considered NOT using my cup.  "But that's what I bought it for!"

The good news is that all that paranoia was for nothing.  Not a single leak.  I walked, jumped, bent, lunged, straddled, lifted, squatted, pushed, and did countless other unusual movements.  Halfway through the day, I successfully emptied my Lunette in the porta-potty.  Lemme tell ya, I was extra careful not to lose my grip on it in there!  And it continued to perform flawlessly throughout the day.

Doing that job on my "worst" day proved that my Lunette is capable of handling ANYTHING.  (Except whatever position I slept in the night before.  Hmmmmmmm.....)

Tags: lunette, success stories

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