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Diva causing cramps

I bought my first cup (a Diva large) last month, and my cramps were terrible.  I trimmed the stem after 3 days of using it, which seemed to help with positioning, but not with the cramps.  The overall benefits of using a cup were so great, however, that I gritted my teeth and suffered the cramps, hoping that it was just a bad period. 

This week, I started spotting (in-between cycles, with zero cramps and very light flow), so I got the Diva out and put it back in.  Minutes after inserting it (without pain and without any trouble opening and rotating it), the same bad cramps flared.  I waited about ten minutes, then removed the cup, and the cramps went away. 

I am still spotting (and it's heavier today), but I am afraid to use my Diva because I don't want to suffer those cramps again.  I have spent the last hour on here trying to suss whether or not I should try a different cup, and which one to go with.

Info about me: I'm 42, never been pregnant, used tampons since high school, have had a medium flow and mild-to-moderate cramps until I turned 40-- since then, my periods have been increasingly heavier and crampier.  My cervix normally sits low and I can easily explore around it (and have never experienced pain doing so) with a finger.  I have no idea whether or not my vagina is narrow or wide-- only, I always used regular tampons, never heavy.  I suspect my vagina may be somewhat 'short', though, because my cervix sits completely inside the Diva, and Diva's rim sits naturally up at the top of my vagina (around the cervix).  I can only tug the Diva a tiny bit down before its end pokes out my vaginal opening. 

The Diva pressed on my g-spot the first few times I inserted it (not really desirable for walking around the office).  I had to reposition it slightly to get it to stop, but it seems to have a mind of its own in regard to positioning.  I do Kegels regularly and am strong 'down there', so I don't know what to think!

I'm considering trying a shorter cup-- the Lunette or the Ladycup.  I am frustrated and bummed-out, and my period is coming...
Can anyone advise?
Tags: buying decisions, divacup
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