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Help me choose backup?

I'm on the market for a backup cup. I've had the same Keeper now for nearly 11 years, and while it's in fine shape, I don't like having just one.

For quite some time, I had the smaller Keeper and the smaller Diva -- something like two years? I haven't had issue with either (apart from losing them on occasion). My Diva went missing several months ago, and it's gotten to the point where I've given up on it. Normally, I'd just be patient and I'd discover it behind something, or hidden somewhere a bit too clever. I suspect I left it out by accident, and my visiting parents threw it away.

I haven't had issue with size, for either. I haven't had any rubber reactions. I don't leak with either (I kegel like crazy), and all the rest of that. The only thing I'd done to both worth mentioning, I snipped off the stem almost completely for both. The length was never an issue. I'm 31 and childfree.

All that taken into account, it kinda sounds to me like I have the luxury of simply selecting a cup that's cheap or strikes my fancy? oO Or have I oversimplified my decision making process?

*edit: And a totally different question.... My Keeper has developed an odor. I know this is common, and I'm not concerned, and I am aware of a couple different soaks that could reduce the issue. What's your opinion about sex toy cleaner? I'm not looking to replace my other routines, I'm just exploring my options. Generally speaking, I'm only asking because I already own the cleaner and I've liked it as far as its intended purpose goes...
Tags: buying decisions, cleaning
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