sweep21 (sweep21) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup

So a couple of years ago I first heard about the diva cup at work (I work in a pharmacy) and I thought that it sounded kind of gross like it would be messy and not fun.  Then not too long ago we started talking about it again and I decided for fun I would check out the diva cup site and they answered every question I could think of and at that moment I thought it was great and I went right out and bought one and waited patiently to use it and researched with all of your help what to expect.  I just wanted to say I love his community!!!  You all have been such a help to me.  This is my first week with my diva cup and I love it.  I had two wonderful days without leakage and then one day with and your comments and questions are just what I needed to fix my mistakes.  Today was day four and no leaks, it's super comfy and it's way better than anything else I've tried!  I just want to thank you all.
Tags: divacup, success stories

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