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too much suction?? Problems WEARING the cup.

Hi everybody, I am a 17 year old virgin, just got my first Mooncup (US). I practiced with different folds and taking it in and out and am pretty good at it now, but when my period actually came what was hard was leaving it in. It felt really strange right away, I could feel pressure coming from inside my upper abdomen-- I could feel a little tummy pooch from the cup being in!! I thought I could get used to it, but I felt twinges of pain now and then, and the pressure feeling was pretty intense.

I just dealt with the (slight) pain, but this morning, I realized my vagina was all weird! I could feel something hard a bit further up in there, and I thought that it was just that the cup had stretched out the part down below. I freaked out and wore a pad to work, then later at home, upon inspection my vagina was normal again. I read some posts on here and realize that the hard thing was my cervix-- but WHY had it suddenly traveled down to where I could feel it?? I can kinda deal with a a weird ouchy pressure feeling, but not knowing that I am deforming my cervix!! I don't want to be suctioning it out of my poor vagina, but tampons give me bad cramps!

please help me. thank you soo much.
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