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Lady Cup!

So, I feel like I don't hear as much about lady cups as I do about a lot of other cups, so I figured I'd talk about my experience.

Today is the first time I have ever used anything other than a pad or tampon. I tried insteads, but I am too tight and too small so I couldn't even get them in (nor could my awesome ob/gyn).

I bought the small lady cup because it's the smallest cup (I believe) out there, and I knew that's what I would need.

I started my period yesterday, and last night I went to use my cup. I folded it like a C, put it in just like a tampon, it opened, I checked the seal and it was perfect! The steam stuck out nearly all the way, and the cup rested just inside my opening, but I just went to bed to see what it was like.

In the morning my labia was a little sore for the steam sticking out, so I cut the steam in half. I will probably cut the steam mostly off tomorrow.

Removal is a little harder, and I find it hard/impossible to break the seal so I feel some pressure on my cervix. Is this horrible? I think this is just going to take a little practice. Other than that (and ever that isn't bad) I feel this has gone 100% smoothly so far, and I am SO EXCITED! I want to buy a few lady cups for my friends for Christmas! lol.
Tags: first time use, lady cup
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