jrc90101 (jrc90101) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup Leakage

I've had my Diva Cup - size two - for a while now...  I've only used it two cycles because I can not seem to insert it on my own, but my DH is quite willing to help me out with that...  the problem is, every time we've gotten it in, and open, it leaks like a sieve.  I mean, it's almost as if I'm not wearing anything inside at all.  I don't feel it once it's in and I have no real problem with the stem.  I am 40 years old and have one child by C-section.  I know it's open because I feel it pop open when he inserts it and he can feel that it's open.  I've had him angle it down towards my tail bone... but still... when we take it out, there's nothing inside of it... it's all around the outside and in the back up pad I've been wearing.  What are we doing wrong?  Should I try another type of cup?  

Since I hate tampons and pads and I would love to get this to work... any suggestions would be great.

Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting

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