Kai (kuradi8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Gifting a Cup

Even though I constantly preach that SIZE MATTERS, I ordered a US Moon Cup as a gift for my friend only because (cardinal sin) it was cheap.  (Even though the Diva is cheaper, I worried it would be too big for her.)

Because she and I are so different in so many ways, I think long and narrow (the opposite of my personal preference) will be the right choice for her.

Even though she makes faces when I talk about cups and this list, I can tell that she is intrigued.  I'm also sure that she would never have bought one for herself.  "Not sure I'd feel safe with a Dixie cup between my legs..."

I figure that the Moon Cup could be her introduction to cups and she can decide for herself whether she will keep it, want another in a different size or pass on the whole idea of cups.

There was a similar thread a month or two back.  I think the general consensus was to give a "Gift Card" and ask the recipient to pick one out.  I know my friend wouldn't have.  So I made a "tough noogies" decision for her and because her curiosity will get the best of her, I'm sure she will at least TRY it.

When she does, my work there will be done.  :o)  Let's hope she likes it.
Tags: family & friends, keeper moon cup

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