Virginia (lovelylilacs) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Am I getting the seal wrong or should I buy a new cup?

Ok so I've been using my mooncup for the third month now I think it is, and it has worked great when my period is light, but when it's heavy it always leaks at night and sometimes if I wait longer than four hours during the day it leaks then too, like all over the place. So what I'm thinking I'm gonna have to do, is get a diva cup or something like that, and use it for the heavy days.
So has anybody else had to switch like this? if so which cup would you recommend is the best for really heavy periods? Oh and my vag is really roomy but the cervix is low, and I make sure I always get the cup over the cervix, but it still leaks. it could be a problem with the seal, so maybe I'm just not doing it right. I usually use the C-fold or the punch-down and I just stick it up there and sometimes with punch down it kinda has a hard time opening, so I make sure it's all the way opened usually.

*BTW I apologize for my recent off-topic entry, I hope I didn't make anyone mad, but I was just having a moment and it happened to fall here.

OH AND another thing- I tried using a tampon this morning because of the leakage and OMG I was reminded why I quit those evil things. I used to wonder why they would always leak so bad and it was pretty much like I wasn't wearing any protection at all, and I thought I was the only one because my mom had never heard of this before. Until my sister told me she has the same problem and then she introduced the mooncup to me. But this morning it was like, I realized that tampons are not shaped like the vag at all, and they're so stiff it's pretty much like having a stick up there and expecting it to somehow absorb the stuff. I mean for people who are smaller down there and don't have a heavy flow it might work but dude I'm just so glad I have a cup instead now. no pun intended. lol
Tags: buying decisions, divacup, leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk), tampons
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