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How do you know if a certain cup or size isn't right for you or if you're just inserting it wrong?

I got the Diva and tried it out for the first time today.  I put it in and took it out so many times today ...

-tons of leakage (not just spotting)
-I can constantly "feel" it.  In fact, it's a bit painful, not just the feeling of it being there.  
-I cut the stem once (to the first line) and again (to the second line) but I can still feel it.
-I tried it inside out but I end up pushing the bottom up inside the cup as I'm trying to get it in the right place

I think I might not be inserting it right, but I've tried a few different folds and nothing seems to work.  I don't know if I'm not getting the suction or what.  

Thanks for your help!  I'll be so excited if (when) I can get the hang of this.  I was so disappointed to have to get out my pads and tampons again today :(

ETA: Thanks for the encouragement.  I am on day 5, and it's going much more smoothly.  I figured out that I have to aim it to the left a bit so it's under my cervix.  It's still a bit uncomfortable putting it in and taking it out, but I think it will get easier each time.  Oh and I cut the stem completely off :)
Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion, leakage & spotting, seal & suction
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