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6 month cup guarantee from the Leastore

I'm sure others have gotten the same promotional email, but copied below is an email from the Leastore that they are currently offering a 6 month guarantee on any menstrual cup purchased from them during October and November.  There is also a raffle for a coupon if you refer a friend or comment on their post.  Pass it on!  :)

::: Raise your voice :::

Comment our
products or suggest (in this link about about Lunette for example) some of them to your friends before October 19th. Then you will take part to a raffle of 25 % discount coupon.

The winner will be contacted personally.

::: Satisfaction guarantee for menstrual cups :::

Do you or does your friend still hesitate to purchase
a menstrual cup? We offer 6 months return guarantee for every menstrual cup purchased in October or November. You can take your time and study the use of the cup. And if you are not happy within 6 months you may return the product without any explanations.
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