Caitlin (lacatface) wrote in menstrual_cups,

As I very recently posted, I'm still getting acquainted with my Instead Softcups. I was having a bit of pain because the harder rim was pushing  on me quite hard when i moved or contracted my pelvic floor muscles. I played around a bit with insertion technique and found that if I angle down just a little as I push back, it's a better position for me and I don't have that pain. Ahhh, the joy of learning! Also, at first I was a bit squeamish about rinsing out the cup in the sink, but after doing it a few times, I'm already totally comfortable with removal and rinsing, I haven't found it to be very messy at all. I'm THRILLED that I found out about Menstrual Cups, and I'm very happy I started using the Softcups. I'm also very glad that I found this community!
Tags: first time use, insertion, instead, removal, success stories

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