Caitlin (lacatface) wrote in menstrual_cups,

i've been looking around and learning about cups, and i decided i'd like to get the mooncup kit from gladrags, but i have to wait to be able to afford it. i went to wal-mart to get some tampons since i can't get my mooncup yet, and much to my surprise, they carry instead softcups! so, got a box and i LOVE them! a tiny bit uncomfortable the first day, but i'm getting used to them. i'm so thrilled i learned about cups! YAY!

i just wanted to note that the response to my entry was awesome, i felt really, i guess, accepted by this community! thanks for all the great feedback! you girls are all so kick ass! (sorry if any profanity offends anyone, that's certainly not my intention!) <3
Tags: first time use, instead, keeper moon cup
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