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I am new to the menstrual cup idea, and i find it fascinating. I've spent the last couple hours reading all these posts and doing a little research of my own before deciding to post in case my questions were answered, but i still have so many questions. a lot of the posts seem to be for people who know all about cups and are having trouble with them, but i barely know what they are! they sound messy and painful to me, and as much as i'd LOVE to get rid of pads and tampons for good, i'm skeptical about leaving my routine. could anyone help me with the basics?
of course most things take time to get used to, but the posts i've read seem that people have problem after problem. i'd really love something low maintenance. are cups ever inconvenient? it sounds like the way to remove them would be very messy - by folding them or whatever, wouldn't that squeeze blood out and all over your hand?
also, a problem that i am concerned with. I am a student at a college, and we have a community bathroom. I don't know how convenient it would be for me to spend so much time in the bathroom when i first start using one! and i don't wnat to come out of the stall looking like i knifed someone in there. also, when you have to take it out and rinse it, that would mean i'd have to go in the stall, take it out, dump it, pee and all that, then redress, go to the sink, rinse it out without grossing out any other girls, then going back into the stall and reinserting it?
or am i just overreacting? these are the first things that run through my mind.
please help if you can, otherwise i'll continue my research. thank you all so much!
Tags: first time use
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