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Age Old IUD Question with a Ladycup/Miacup Twist!

Hi Ladies!

I've searched the IUD memories, however, most of those posts were written before the Miacup and Ladycup came out. I am currently experiencing my first IUD period (Flexi-T which is the Canadian version of the copper IUD) and it is THE period from HELL! I can't believe I can lose that much blood and still be functioning! I ordered some fabulous cloth pads, but after using a cup for so long, I can't go back to pads, regardless of how fabulous they are. I've even resorted to tampons because I'm bleeding through pads so quickly! (Ughh!) So, back to the cup. However, I have a Diva and I don't feel comfortable using it with the IUD because of the fact that it's one of the taller and stiffer cups. I had to pay for my IUD and my insertion was super painful, so I really want to eliminate as many risks as I can so I don't expel my IUD. So I'm looking to buy a new cup and wanted some advice.

I am really considering the Ladycup (the pink one!) or the Miacup. Any suggestions on either of those and their capatibility with IUD's? I also have to consider which one'll stand up to my monster periods. I've heard that the Lunette is also good. Any ladies here use a Miacup or Ladycup and have an IUD? 

PLEASE offer me your opinion, as I've been bleeding for almost two weeks now and I can't handle using pads. I MISS MY CUP!
Tags: iud, lady cup, lunette, miacup, pads - cloth

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