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Looking for a New Cup

Hi ladies. I know this has probably been asked a billion times before, so please bare with me. Also, feel free to direct me to an appropriate post if available. Anyway, I'm in the market for a new cup. I've been using my Diva for quite awhile now and have no intentions of getting rid of it, but I want to try something else. The one problem I have with the Diva is that it's sometimes hard to open. It goes in fine but sometimes, does that thing where one side is flat. I've tried stirring but hate doing that and it just makes me frustrated. so I'm looking for something that's easy to open and that's nondisposable. I'm totally blind, so don't care about colour or looks. I'm 24, have never given birth and am not allergic to latex. My period is also light to normal. Another issue I have is with cleaning. I'm sure I do a good job with the Diva, cause I wrince it when using it and put it in vinegar and water before and after my period but I can't tell if there's blood on it etc. So a cup that's easy-to-clean would be great. I also cut off about 95% of the stem because it was long and uncomfortable. Thanks for all your help.
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