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Considering buying a cup but have problems with tampons

Firstly, this is my first livejournal post (it's taken me half an hour to figure out how to post in a community) so I hope I'm doing this right.

I'm really interested in getting a menstrual cup since disposable pads irritate my skin and don't permit swimming. I'm not keen on the waste and the expense either. However, before getting one I'd like to find out whether the problems I have using tampons will stop me from using a cup successfully.

The problem is this - when I use a tampon it always seems to slip down so I can feel it at the entrance to my vagina, which makes it uncomfortable and also makes me concerned that it will fall out.

I always use non-applicator tampons, and push them inside me until I run out of finger! But they always make their way down pretty quickly. Could it be my pelvic floor muscles aren't strong enough? (I have tried pelvic floor exercises (kegels?) but I can't seem to contract the right muscles.) Or am I the wrong shape? Either way, does this mean I'll have problems with a cup?



PS I'm 31, haven't given birth, am on HBC and have light periods (at the moment).
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