blairze (almostblair) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Super long period!

Hi all,
I've been a long-time lurker here, but this is my first post. And i have a few questions
the situation is that i have been on my period for about a month! except for 4 days in the middle when it stopped it has been a slow trickle of a period. I skipped a period this summer and at first i thought this super long one was some sort of weird reaction to that ( i am not on birth control and generally have super heavy long periods)

my questions are
1) does anyone have any idea what could even be up with this? or have experience with anything like this?
2) is it ok that my cup was in me for so long? i have a mooncup - are there any super special ways i can sterilize it? it probably smells crazy after being inside me for so long straight!

thanks so much!
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