seywat (seywat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Insteads and Cervix Position

All right, so one of these days I'm getting a reusable cup, but I can't now because of a lack of money. I decided to get some Insteads to get used to the idea of cups.

My problem: I can't reach my cervix without difficulty. After considerable effort, I can reach the edge of it. I can't reach any further. I have really small hands, which may be a part of the issue.

The instructions say to fold it sideways and have it behind the pubic bone. That part isn't so bad. But it don't even come close to covering my cervix in that position. Apparently my cervix and pubic bone are in different worlds. I try and try to get it back further, but it either 1) won't stay there and 2) leaks madly anyway and 3) I get that really lovely "dull ache" feeling.

I want this to work. I want something other than tampons or pads! But apparently Instead isn't it.

Is there any hope for me getting this to work? Or will I just have to use tampons while I try to get funding for some reusable cup?
Tags: cervix position, instead
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