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afraid of blood?

first off, THANK YOU! this community has been so helpful with the reassuring, folding, attempting, failing, refolding, succeeding and having a period that was actually... fun... during my first cycle with my new divacup (i'm 25, no kids, and bought the size 1 cup. or is it A? i'm getting them mixed up. i spontaneously bought that one after forgetting that i'd researched it for months. drugstore.com was having a promo. i think they still are doing the "buy a divacup, get the wash free". then i went on an etsy kick and bought sock monkey patterned cloth pantyliners. boom!). i was worried that the divacup might be too big because though i am average size (and enjoy my fair share of cookie products), i have a teensy tunnel. my gyno said very seriously that she was going to have to use the equipment she used on nuns, i am so small. (????) i wanted to ask her "you see enough nuns in your practice to require you to have a special set of tools solely for the sisters?" but with the helpful tutorial on folds (the c fold was way too big) i've found and perfected my take on the punch down fold and it's great. so tiny vaginas, have no fear!

anyway, i may be alone in this (though i doubt it), but i'm fascinated by what's in my cup. it's almost like a mini-science experiment. i was actually sad to have my period end.

since my period ended last week, i've been raving about the cup to anyone who will listen. whenever i do so, i pass along a link to this community as a resource for all questions. is this okay? an email was circulating amongst a group of women i know about how important it is to use organic tampons, so i was going to email them about cups, and include a link to this comm.

secondly, i was talking to a friend about my cup, and the conversation went something like:
her: what's a cup?
me: (explains everything)
her: hmmm
me: plus, you save hundreds of dollars, since this costs ~$40 and it lasts from 1-10 years they say
her: wow!
me: AND, i have had zero cramps with the cup. not sure if that happens with everyone, but this has been a great period.
her: no way! i have terrible, unbearable cramps, this sounds wonderful!!
me: it's true. i'm loving it. i'm telling every woman i know. it's so easy, and i've had no drips, and (on and on and on). and it's easy to empty!
her: wait... empty?
me: (explains cleaning and emptying)
her: oh. i don't like looking at blood.

so, is it hopeless for her? i wasn't being pushy and she was genuinely interested in what sounded like a product that could relieve a lot of her period problems. but then it's just like, welp, i can't look at blood so, oh well.

i guess that's it. except that someone should go as a menstrual cup for halloween.
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