cherrysecret (cherrysecret) wrote in menstrual_cups,

"Not really" boiling

I've been reading this community for a while now and gather that as far as sanitizing goes, some of you boil your cups, others use other methods, and the rest pour boiling water over them. I have a concern about the latter, because someone here mentioned that pouring boiling water is not the same as submerging something in water that's truly boiling, because only the latter really kills bacteria. I know you will defend that and say that so far it hasn't caused any  harm... But what if, god forbid, the harm just hasn't reared it's head yet? Or am I just being paranoid... ?

That's my concern because I like boiling the cup as a sanitization method, but am not sure I want to get a separate, clunky pan just for that purpose (I'm squirmish). On the other hand I'm not convinced pouring hot water over the cup really works.......
Tags: cleaning - boiling
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