hypergurl7 (hypergurl7) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Suggestion on cleaning the cup in a group camping/canoe trip?

Hi, I am teen that uses a cup. I'm going on school camping trip/canoe trip. I will be camping for 4 days three nights, and have access to 3 toilets. (There are about 30 girls, so theres generally a long line.) For one of the days, I will have to canoe 13 miles with no access to any facilities (besides the woods.) At home/school I just rinse my cup out in the sink. (Theres an individual BR in school..so it's really not an issue.) So I have a few questions:

1. What's the quickest/most effective way to clean your cup? (I don't think I'm coordinated enough to do the wate rbottle trick. I'd probably end up missing the cup and dropping it in the toilet.)

2. Any ideas on how to clean my cup riverside? Keep in mind that I'd have to probably have to keep it in my pocket because we might tip. (At least that's what happened last yr.)

3. Is there an easy way to wash the blood off your hands from using the cup? Handsanitzer doesn't do anything in my experience.

4. Any other general camping with cup or cleaning advice?

Tags: camping & backpacking, cleaning

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