mikana78 (mikana78) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Personal Jinx

Arrr - this is so typical...1st off - after couple years of lurking and thinking...I decide to take the plunge and buy a pinkcup...only to have the blue cup released straight after...well okay, was talked about straight after receiving my new cup, but close enough. 

2nd - whilst waiting for delivery my period came early - as if my body was teasing itself...only now, 6 weeks later, it STILL HASNT come! My lil friend has gone on holidays, and its the first time in my life i've actually been wanting it to come, so naturally it goes into hiding!

So Im sorry for wasting your time, but I thought a little post here complaining that my period hasnt arrived, that maybe i'ld jinx myself...so wish me luck ladies!
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